Not confused with the 2016 series and the 2017 series

Cartoon Elimination, also known as CE and ToonElim, is a Google+ series created by Neapolitantoons. It will premiere somewhere in December 2017 with the release of "the new reality show". The show takes place in a fictional location known as Americamation City, New York.


Cartoon Elimination goes back to the traditional format of having challenges and eliminations. Since all the characters are present this might mean that the show takes place sometime in the future.

Characters Edit

Contestants Edit

  • Spider (F)
  • Little Dog (M)
  • Q-Bert (M)
  • Eagle (M)
  • Baseball (M)
  • Nickel (M)
  • Penny (M)
  • Bob (M)
  • Sam (F)
  • Slinky (M)
  • Firey (M)
  • Lazer (F)
  • Soccer Ball (F)
  • Golfball (M)
  • LJN (M)
  • Normal Apple (M)
  • Sock (F)
  • Jelly-Filed Dount (F)
  • Soda (M)
  • Olivia (F)
  • Japanese Cat (F)
  • Water Bottle (M)
  • Bernie (M)

Hosts Edit

  • Red

Trivia Edit

  • Bernie and Q-Bert are currently the only contestants not from Americamation.
  • This marks the first Cartoon Elimination series to not be a part of the CE franchise.
  • Bob, Sam and Cassie are the only contestants to be humans.
  • This is the first Google+ reality show, since the failed Logo Battle Google+ series.
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